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Murray Dale
Boy Actors
11 March 2009
Fletcher O'Leary
Topic: Boy Actors

Fletcher O'Leary was born in 1997. His biggest role to date has been as Mickey Gannon in the Australian soap Neighbours. He is older brother to Blake O'Leary, and he also appears in the 2009 movie 'The Fury'.



He loves beaches, skateboarding and taking photographs. He plays football (soccer) for a junior team named Croydon Arrows, and he has been learning tap and other dance since he was 5 years old.

Fletcher was nominated for a Best Young Actor award in the 2008 Inside Soap Awards 

Posted by boyactors at 2:01 PM BST
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4 November 2005
Toby Mills Zivanovic
Topic: Boy Actors
Toby gave a charming performance as Ben Kinsey in ITV1's "All About George", appearing in each episode and managing to steal a few hearts as well as scenes. He's not well known outside of this role, at present, although he has the talent and charisma to take him much further in life.

Posted by boyactors at 10:32 AM GMT
Updated: 4 November 2005 10:39 AM GMT
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9 June 2005
A Star in Europe
Topic: Boy Actors
FILIPPO PUCILLO gave a spirited performance as Filippo in the Italian film 'Respiro'. He does not appear to have featured in any other major productions, but he certainly displayed sufficient talent and a very natural ability in front of camera.

Filming Fact: When Filippo had to do a scene where he lays in bed with his mother, he stole four cans of beer and got himself drunk. The crew had to put him in the shower and sober him up before they could go ahead and shoot the scene.

Click below to buy the dvd of 'Respiro'

Posted by boyactors at 11:30 AM BST
Updated: 9 June 2005 11:36 AM BST
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27 May 2005
Topic: Boy Actors
HUW PROCTOR played Charlie Brice, a young footballing genius, in the 2000 childrens TV drama "Hero to Zero". In it he had to decide whether to play for the super rich top team, or to help s struggling lower team which had more heart than money. Also he had high hopes of reuniting his estranged parents.

HUW was born in England, and has not made any other major screen appearances.
Click below for more on "Hero to Zero".
Hero To Zero

Posted by boyactors at 2:13 PM BST
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10 May 2005
Boys we'd like to see more of.
Topic: Boy Actors
PERRY MILLWARD - a wonderful young talent! Best known for his roles on the West End stage, his stunning performance as Gavroche in Les Misrables, and his magical moments as Michael Banks in Mary Poppins, and as Jeremy Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He has also appeared on TV in The Bill, and on The Trisha Show. Perry played the Artful Dodger in Celebrating Oliver on BBC1 during Christmas 2005.

Perry is not just a remarkable young actor, he also has a magnificently clear singing voice and a bouncing personality. He is definately one to watch, and maybe set for greater things in years to come.

Posted by boyactors at 11:58 AM BST
Updated: 4 January 2006 3:38 PM GMT
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27 April 2005
Topic: Boy Actors
PETER DEMIN played Matthew in the 1977 HTV sci-fi drama 'Children of the Stones'. His performance was quite memorable, but he is only known to have appeared in two other productions.

His first role came in the 1976 'Centre Play for Christmas: William Wilson', and in 1983 he played the lead in 'The Adventures of Young Robin Hood'.
'Children of the Stones' is available on dvd from
Children of the Stones DVD

Posted by boyactors at 10:31 AM BST
Updated: 27 April 2005 10:44 AM BST
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13 April 2005
Boys we'd like to see more of.
Topic: Boy Actors
RANDY SHELLY is certainly making a name for himself, taking leading roles in several new productions, "Lost" (2005), "Dust" (2005), "Vanquished" (2005), "The Last Visit" (2005), and "Fear of Herons" (tbr 2006)

Randy was born on 27 July 1994. He likes water skiing and scuba diving, and his favourite beach is Marbella in Spain.
Find out more about Randy at his official web site
Randy's web site

Posted by boyactors at 6:44 PM BST
Updated: 13 April 2005 6:45 PM BST
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8 April 2005
A Star in Europe.
Topic: Boy Actors
THIBAULT VERHAEGHE plays young Julien in the 2003 French comedy movie "Love Me If You Dare'. It's a story of a young boy and girl who make up a dare game which continues into their adulthood, becoming even more complicated as love becomes involved.

Thibault attends drama classes in Brussels. He also likes swimming, soccer, tennis and rollerblading.
Click HERE for the French DVD of Jeux d'enfants
Click HERE for the region 1 DVD of 'Love Me If You Dare'
Click HERE to buy the PAL dvd with English subtitles

Posted by boyactors at 6:39 PM BST
Updated: 28 April 2005 10:38 AM BST
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7 April 2005
Boys we'd like to see more of.
Topic: Boy Actors
Look out for JOSEPH TREMAIN in two episodes of "Doctor Who" - episode 9 'The Empty Child', and episode 10 'The Doctor Dances'.
Another significant role for Joseph is as a carol singing urchin in the new musical version of A Christmas Carol. Not just singing carols, but also the boy who informs Scrooge that it is Christmas Day. Joseph can also be seen in the new version of 'Oliver Twist'.

He is quite well known for playing Rory in the TV series 'Morris 2274'. He made his West End stage debut in 'The Full Monty' musical at the age of 10.
Joseph was born in Romford, Essex on 11 October 1991.

Posted by boyactors at 1:56 PM BST
Updated: 19 December 2005 2:18 PM GMT
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6 April 2005
Boys we'd like to see more of.
Topic: Boy Actors
ALEX ROE-BROWN played an evil 'demon posessed' child in the 2000 movie 'The calling'.

ALEX was much acclaimed for his part in the movie, but, for some extra-ordinary reason, has not appeared in any other major roles.
Christopher Null (movie critic) wrote - "Roe-Brown is so convincing that I wouldn't let my kids play with him for fear of having their hearts ripped out or worse."
Watch out for this fine young English actor.

He's probably a nice kid in reality ... probably ...

Click HERE for the region 1 DVD of 'The Calling'

Click HERE for the region 2 dvd of 'The Calling'

Posted by boyactors at 7:49 PM BST
Updated: 27 April 2005 11:08 AM BST
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