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Acadamy Awards
Boy Actors
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Matthew Borish
Murray Dale
Boy Actors
8 April 2005
A Star in Europe.
Topic: Boy Actors
THIBAULT VERHAEGHE plays young Julien in the 2003 French comedy movie "Love Me If You Dare'. It's a story of a young boy and girl who make up a dare game which continues into their adulthood, becoming even more complicated as love becomes involved.

Thibault attends drama classes in Brussels. He also likes swimming, soccer, tennis and rollerblading.
Click HERE for the French DVD of Jeux d'enfants
Click HERE for the region 1 DVD of 'Love Me If You Dare'
Click HERE to buy the PAL dvd with English subtitles

Posted by boyactors at 6:39 PM BST
Updated: 28 April 2005 10:38 AM BST
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7 April 2005
Boys we'd like to see more of.
Topic: Boy Actors
Look out for JOSEPH TREMAIN in two episodes of "Doctor Who" - episode 9 'The Empty Child', and episode 10 'The Doctor Dances'.
Another significant role for Joseph is as a carol singing urchin in the new musical version of A Christmas Carol. Not just singing carols, but also the boy who informs Scrooge that it is Christmas Day. Joseph can also be seen in the new version of 'Oliver Twist'.

He is quite well known for playing Rory in the TV series 'Morris 2274'. He made his West End stage debut in 'The Full Monty' musical at the age of 10.
Joseph was born in Romford, Essex on 11 October 1991.

Posted by boyactors at 1:56 PM BST
Updated: 19 December 2005 2:18 PM GMT
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6 April 2005
Boys we'd like to see more of.
Topic: Boy Actors
ALEX ROE-BROWN played an evil 'demon posessed' child in the 2000 movie 'The calling'.

ALEX was much acclaimed for his part in the movie, but, for some extra-ordinary reason, has not appeared in any other major roles.
Christopher Null (movie critic) wrote - "Roe-Brown is so convincing that I wouldn't let my kids play with him for fear of having their hearts ripped out or worse."
Watch out for this fine young English actor.

He's probably a nice kid in reality ... probably ...

Click HERE for the region 1 DVD of 'The Calling'

Click HERE for the region 2 dvd of 'The Calling'

Posted by boyactors at 7:49 PM BST
Updated: 27 April 2005 11:08 AM BST
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3 April 2005
A Star in Europe
Topic: Boy Actors
NICOLAS JOUXTEL is one of the main cast in the new French movie 'Les Enfants', in which he plays Tom. He also featured in the movie 'Podium', and in the TV series 'Ma meilleure amie'.

Nicolas was born in Pontoise, France, on 24 January 1995.

Posted by boyactors at 11:02 AM GMT
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2 April 2005
Topic: Boy Actors
TOMMY RETTIG (1941 - 1996) was a notable child actor of his day, appearing with Marylin Monroe in 'River of No Return', and many other big names such as Richard Widmark in 'The Last Wagon'. He was also one of the original 'Lassie' boys.

Tommy was born in Jackson Heights, New York, in 1941. In later life he was a respected computer programmer and one of the writers of dBaseII. He died in California in 1996.
For Tommy's filmography, visit his Imdb page.
Tommy Rettig

Posted by boyactors at 5:39 PM GMT
Updated: 6 April 2005 8:28 PM BST
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Boys we'd like to see more of.
Topic: Boy Actors
EUGENE SIMON is a fine young English actor who has yet to make a name for himself outside of support roles on kids TV. His best character to date is that of Eddie, a manipulating, troublesome, yet ultra intelligent child in the series 'Noah and Saskia'.


He is a 'Simpsons' fan, but also likes cricket and playing on his computer. Another recent appearance has been in the BBC comedy 'My Dad's the Prime Minister'.
He's certainly worthy of greater roles.

UPDATE: Eugene can be seen in the BBC dramatisation of "My Family and Other Animals" (2005), in which he plays the lead role of the young Gerald Durral ... and yes girls, he does take his shirt off a lot.

Buy My Family and Other Animals from

Posted by boyactors at 1:48 PM GMT
Updated: 28 January 2008 4:41 PM GMT
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29 March 2005
Boys we'd like to see more of.
Topic: Boy Actors
Sam Aston is one of the best loved regulars in the ITV Soap 'Coronation Street', playing a character called Chesney. Recently he won the Cheekiest Character category at the British Soap Awards. He's also appeared in several episodes of The Bill.

During the BBC's Children In Need charity appeal of 2004, he took the lead role in a Coronation Street adaptation of the musical Oliver.

Posted by boyactors at 2:38 PM GMT
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27 March 2005
Boys we'd like to see more of.
Topic: Boy Actors
Following the successful 'Feather Boy', THOMAS SANGSTER has two new projects in production this year. He'll play Simon Brown in Nanny McFee, and Young Herman in Love is a Survivor. He's already got several notable parts to his credit, including an excellent portrayal of the young Adolf Hitler.

For those of you who still don't know, Thomas is cousin to Hugh Grant and appeared alongside him in Love Actually.

Posted by boyactors at 6:31 PM GMT
Updated: 29 March 2005 11:00 AM GMT
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26 March 2005
Topic: Boy Actors
JAMIE WILLIAMS was the ultimate Mowgli in the movie THE 2nd JUNGLE BOOK. You could almost imagine that he really was a wild boy.

He went on to feature in such shows as Safe Harbour and Neon Rider.
Click below to see a trailer for 2nd Jungle Book.
2nd Jungle Book
The dvd is available through both and - links to both can be found on this site.

Posted by boyactors at 2:20 PM GMT
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Topic: Boy Actors
JAMES AUBREY played Ralph in the 1960's version of LORD OF THE FLIES. Neither he, or any of the other boys in the movie, had ever acted before. They were ordinary English schoolboys who were taken to a remote island to act out a classic tale of life, death and savagery.

James went on to become a professional actor, but he will always be remembered for his final scenes in Lord of the Flies as he flees half naked for his life amid fire and howling pursuers.
Click the link for a video clip.
Lord Of The Flies
A special DVD edition can be found at
Lord of the Flies DVD

Posted by boyactors at 11:20 AM GMT
Updated: 27 April 2005 10:53 AM BST
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